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Embracing Teledentistry in Central Jersey

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that we need to be able to keep in touch with our patients even when we can’t see them in person. It's essential to ensure that their orthodontic clear aligners or metal braces are progressing according to our treatment plan.

Dental Monitoring allows us to review a patient’s progress through a series of photos submitted with their cell phones. Our orthodontic specialists can see if they are brushing and flossing effectively, check their treatment status, and answer questions they may have in between their in-office appointments.

Those who would like information about starting treatment but don’t want to come to our office can also do a virtual consultation. They simply text a few photos of their smile, and we respond with potential treatments and costs. Perfect for both busy adults and kids alike!

While neither of these options will ever completely replace in-office exams, partly because we’d miss seeing everyone too much, they have proven to be useful for us and convenient for our patients. Schedule a free consultation with our orthopedic dentists today to find out if our teledentistry services are right for you!

White, Straightened Teeth Thanks to Clear Braces

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Not only are we able to provide the highest level of orthodontic care in New Jersey, but we're also able to offer cheaper rates than our competitors! Our proven track record of success and affordable rates makes us the clear choice!


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